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Thinkergy San Diego Office

Thinkergy San Diego

San Diego is now our US headquarter set-up to drive Thinkergy’s expansion at the West Coast, where we can imagine our innovation methods to empower established corporations and new ventures to create those technologies, solutions and experiences that inspire new business growth in future.

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The people that know how to wow!

Dr. D

Created by Founder and Chief Ideator, Dr. Detlef Reis (Dr. D), Thinkergy is taught and implemented by the United Creative Brains of Thinkergy – a global network of certified business professionals, decorated academics and independent experts.
Certified TIPS Trainer
Certified X-IDEA & TIPS Trainer
Innovation Trainer & Consumer Insights Specialist
Innovation Trainer & Guide
Innovation Trainer & Guide, Project Manager
Innovation Trainer & Designer
Innovation Facilitator
Holistic Marketing Communicator, Digital Marketer & Innovation Facilitator
Innovation Facilitator
Innovation Trainer & Guide, Project Manager
Innovation Trainer
Innovation Facilitator, Event Organizer & All-Rounder

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