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The Know How of Wow

The prime system created by Thinkergy for reliably producing creative, innovative and actionable ideas.

Learn how to design, develop and launch the solutions of the future.

X-IDEA is Thinkergy’s Know How of Wow! A proprietary innovation method that helps you produce more meaningful, innovative ideas and results. By following our systematic thinking process you will discover new insights, develop fresh ideas, and create innovative solutions to any challenge.


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5 stages of x-ideas

The 5 Stages of X-IDEA


"X-Idea is like design thinking on steriods!"

- Former Apple Employee Under Steve Jobs
X-IDEA unique features

Some of X-IDEA’s Unique Features

There is so much more to X-IDEA than meets the eye!

In the design of X-IDEA, we included a number of special features that both make going through an innovation project seem well-structured yet fun for the project participants. More importantly, Thinkergy elevated these special design features into an easy-to-learn “cheat-note system” that enables our X-IDEA Innovation Guides to maneuver the complexities of a messy innovation project with confidence and ease.

Academic Award for X-IDEA

X-IDEA won a major international award for its practical implications for technology as sponsored and selected by the Global Head of Ideation and Innovation Management of Nokia Group at the ISPIM Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum 2014 in Singapore. An academic conference paper of Dr. Detlef Reis, on the inner workings and benefits of the X-IDEA Innovation Method & Toolbox won the Best Paper on practical implications for Technology Award of Nokia at the ISPIM Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum 2014.

Academic Award for X-IDEA

The X-IDEA® Innovation Toolbox

150+ different innovation tools that bring your organization to the next level
Innovation Toolbox

Innovation Toolbox

The X-IDEA Toolbox initially contains 150+ different tools. While walking you through the five process stages of the X-IDEA Innovation Method, we select the most appropriate thinking tools and creativity techniques from our X-IDEA Tool Box for your specific project.


Our interactive training programs are created by Dr. Detlef Reis (Dr. D), an expert in the field of business creativity and innovation.
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Our innovation projects are customized based on our innovation methods; adapted for your organization and focused on specific challenges.
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We believe that creativity and innovation are essential catalysts for positive change. That’s why we want you to be part of Thinkergy.
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New Car Interior Design Concepts For Asia

Thinkergy led a multidisciplinary team from BMW’s Research & Innovation Center in Munich, in an X-IDEA Innovation Project aimed at developing new concepts for the interiors of their luxury cars for Asia.