Innovation Facilitator

Ong-on Piyaritthipong (“Friend”) is a friendly creative professional and innovation facilitator in Thinkergy’s innovation training team since 2012, joining us whenever we need to field a larger crew to deliver an innovation event.

Friend is an accomplished marketing communications and public relations professional with work experiences in both smaller local and large global advertising agencies, as well as the travel industry.

Friend graduated with honors from the College of Management, Mahidol University, holding a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management. She enjoys working on projects in the areas of classic and digital marketing, social media and classic PR campaigns, as well as event management.

Would you believe that Friend is a well-known singer in her home country Thailand? No wonder she greatly enjoys being on the stage with a micro in her hand, be it as a singer, a master of ceremony at conferences and events, or an innovation facilitator at Thinkergy workshops. And as you would expect it, her strong communication talents also are reflected in Friend’s TIPS profile (she’s a popular Promoter).