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Edge Asia Group is a fast-growing digital marketing agency in Southeast-Asia with offices in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Edge’s top management approached Thinkergy to train their staff to follow a more structured, systematic framework whilst working on creative pitches and digital marketing campaigns. We suggested a 2-day X-IDEA Innovation Workshop with Edge’s core creative, production and client service teams, to instruct them on how they may use our X-IDEA Innovation Method. We agreed to use a simulated case as reference, supposing the Thai Red Cross had asked Edge Asia for a campaign to help increase organ donors in Thailand.

On the first day, the participants split into four teams and thoroughly Xplored the case to gain novel insights and better definition of the challenge. On day two, the teams went through an Ideation session to generate raw ideas; which they then developed into realistic Idea Concepts, before each team finally pitched their four top ones to a judging panel.

Among others, one idea suggested to combine the ‘donor pass’ with a credit card, offering special benefits for organ donors (such as, reduced hospital fees, or extra miles with a partner airline). This concept was derived from a simple but key insight, highlighted in the Xploration stage: organ donors must carry around a card that does not offer any direct benefit unless they die.

The selected concepts of the four teams were ultimately considered to be so good that Edge’s senior management decided to pitch them to Thai Red Cross, for real.

Edge Asia

“Edge is a creative agency.  We live or die on the strength of creativity and innovation. Especially in the Digital Age.  We have some very talented people in our company, great clients and brands and truly dynamic region to work within (all of Southeast Asia).  But as we grew from a handful of people to over 400 we discerned a notable absence of process and consistency in how we came up with ground breaking creativity and innovation.  Each office, each team and even each individual had different ways to approach innovation challenges.  We thought that if we could find a consistent framework and language with which to approach creative challenges we would be able to produce even bigger ideas with a more efficient use of resources.  After valuable consultations with Dr. D we were convinced that the Thinkergy X-IDEA Innovation Method might work for us.  We brought our creative, client service and productions leaders from around the region for a 2 day seminar with Thinkergy.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the program and the lasting results.  The high energy format captivated our staff and imparted real memorable learning.  Most importantly, the lessons learned were immediately implemented and embedded in our culture and ways of working.  X-IDEA has changed the way we work, improved our efficiencies and greatly improved our product. We are a better business since working with Thinkergy.”

Patrick Looram

CEO | Edge Asia Group