Innovation Facilitator, Event Organizer & All-Rounder

Thaddeus Siu (“Teddy”) is a highly adaptable, multi-talented ‘all-rounder’ who has many interests and is good at doing many things reliably well. Being Thinkergy’s “Mr. Do-it-all”, Teddy nicely balances the more “extreme” types in our team (such as our “Mr. Know-it-all” or all of our ‘crazy’ creatives).

Teddy joined Thinkergy in September 2012 as a crew member for a high-profile event. For a couple of years, he actively supported Thinkergy’s sales and marketing activities. Moreover, Teddy has also taken care for organizing our innovation workshops for many years. More recently, he also expanded his interests and work focus on the areas of PR, digital communications, social media and content management.

Teddy holds a Master in Management with a focus on Leadership and Human Resources from the College of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU). No wonder he strongly believes in creating meaningful value for Thinkergy’s clients, while also bearing the needs of the team and all of our other stakeholders in mind.

Teddy is a passionate, amateur long-distance runner who has participated in numerous marathons over several years. He has only won one half-marathon and is still fighting for that next elusive victory.