Better Lip Care Products




Bangkok, Thailand

Thinkergy Value Innovation Case


The lip care division of Beiersdorf AG in Germany engaged Thinkergy to facilitate an innovation session, integrated with their regional marketing conference in Thailand. The focus of the X-IDEA Innovation Project was on the creation of innovative lip care products.

After the initial Xploration of the case, the challenge was expanded to also include marketing and service-related ideas as well as product-related ideas, with particular reference to the preferences of Asian consumers. The Final Challenge was then agreed to be: “How to create innovative lip care concepts for Asian consumers?”

During the main X-IDEA Innovation Workshop, over 2,000 raw ideas were generated in two separate 90 minute ideation sessions. From the 12 Ideation Tools used, from the X-IDEA Toolbox, one I-Tool really got the teams going: ‘Battle of the Sexes’. The participants were grouped according to gender, and then produced gender-specific lip care ideas. In the Development stage, the two teams produced over 40 meaningful idea concepts with the help of our D-Tools such as ‘Ying And Yang’ and ‘Pass The Buck’. In the Evaluation stage, the teams brought forward their top five ideas from each session, and our Thinkergy Idea Artists helped the teams sketch out these concepts before pitching them to a juror panel at the workshop finale.

Beiersdorf came away from their regional marketing conference, not only with alignment of their marketing initiatives in Asian markets, but thanks to combining it with Thinkergy’s X-IDEA Innovation Project, they also got a portfolio of ten top idea concepts for innovative lip care products and related marketing campaigns, to boost the group’s future Asian revenues.


"I enjoyed the workshop a lot. I learned that idea generation needs stimulation, openness and quantity and that creativity can be organized!"

Dieter Guillard

Global Lip Care Division Manager | Beiersdorf Germany.