Reaching Out To New Consumers


Food & Beverage


Bangkok, Thailand



Thinkergy helped Nestlé in reaching out to a new target consumer segment in Thailand, aiming to infuse the company with fresh, profitable and sustainable growth. Thinkergy guided numerous category teams, stage-by-stage, through an especially large X-IDEA innovation project; extending over 7+ months, involving 11 product categories, and focused on 33 separate innovation cases.

After an initial Xploration Kick-Off Workshop, the category teams went into a guided consumer immersion phase of 4 months that involved a series of field trips to meet with target consumers and their preferred trade partners. The objective of this intense immersion phase was to gain novel insights into the real challenges that each category faces in order to extend its value propositions towards the targeted consumer group. In order to achieve this the teams had to report results at two interim checkpoints and a Final Checkpoint Xploration Xtraction Workshop.

In the Main X-IDEA Innovation Workshop, the 11 category teams worked to produce meaningful idea concepts for their identified Final Challenges. Over 14,000 raw ideas and 660 idea concepts were developed before each team pitched its top 15 to a senior management panel. Finally, over 75 meaningful top idea concepts entered the company’s innovation pipeline, earmarked for activation and market release.

Ultimately, the top idea concepts focused on new products, new promotion campaigns, new packaging and display solutions; ant they addressed both the needs of the targeted consumers and Nestlé’s channel partners.


“What participants liked most was the different idea generation techniques, which they found interesting as it allowed them to think differently from previous ways of looking at innovation. The techniques utilized to guide us from “Wild” to “WOW” ideas led to some unique propositions, while at the same time being relevant to our consumers and category. Overall we were happy with the outputs and thank the Thinkergy team for their passion, enthusiasm and effort!”

Robin Okamura

Executive Director, Communications & Marketing Service at Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.