Dr. D

Founding Director & Chief Ideator

I became the unlikely founder of Thinkergy because I had the courage to explore who I really am and what I really should do with my life other than being a proficient, but dispassionate corporate banker. I got the answer to my questions in a consciousness-expanding moment of personal enlightenment. My “Eureka” happened on Chinese New Year’s Day 2003, the dawn of the Year of the Black Sheep.

So, I started my new creative life with the resolve to be the best black sheep I can be in a world full of conformist white “sheeple”. In 2005, I founded Thinkergy, and ever since we’ve been on mission to create more innovators in Asia, the world and beyond.


Dr. Detlef Reis (aka “Dr. D”) is the Founder of Thinkergy. He created Thinkergy’s four proprietary innovation methods: X-IDEA, Genius Journey, TIPS, and CooL – Creativity UnLimited.

Dr. Reis is also the author of a series of innovation books earmarked for global publication in the near future: The Executive’s Guide to Innovation (ca. 2H.2018 by Motivational Press), Genius Journey. Developing Authentic Creative Leaders for the Innovation Economy. Part 1-3 (2019 by Motivational Press), X-IDEA. The Structured Magic of Playful Innovation (ca. 2019 by TBA); and TIPS. Righting the People-side of Business and Innovation (ca. 2020 by TBA).

Dr. Reis is a regular blogger and has co-published his articles in the business section of the Bangkok Post (column “Creativity Un-Ltd.”). He is also a much sought-after keynote speaker on creativity and Innovation at conferences and corporate meetings.

Since 2016, Dr. Reis is also an Assistant Professor at Bangkok University’s Institute for Knowledge & Innovation South-East Asia. Since 2007, he has taught at the School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University, which appointed him to an Adjunct Associate Professor in 2014. From 2004-2015, he was  also a faculty member at the College of Management, Mahidol University in Bangkok.

In his early business career. Dr. Reis worked for Deutsche Bank for more than 16 years, which among other benefits allowed him to fund his (Ph.D.) studies in Germany. He also feels grateful for later being offered the opportunity to work for Deutsche Bank in Vietnam, the Philippines and Hong Kong, where he held a position of Vice President in the Global Banking Division when he left the Bank in order to found Thinkergy.

Dr. Reis graduated with a doctorate in international management from Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany, and published his thesis in a book in the German language.

What may surprise you about me?

In my early 20s, I not only began working in banking, but also became a competitive middle distance runner and a part-time DJ. I loved the energy and intensity of it all. But, it nearly killed me. Fortunately, my running coach asked me to make a choice. So I did. Pretty soon, I started to win regional championships in Southwestern Germany, and later even qualified to compete in   prestigious international competitions (though sadly not the absolute top ones). Nowadays, I still reserve time for sports (running, weights training, Vinyasa Yoga) almost every day. Why? I often get my best ideas while “sweating it out” — and WOW ideas are the currency of the 21st century.