Innovation Trainer & Guide, Project Manager

Mr. William A. Tucker (“Bill”) is a business – and IT-consultant, hacker, and international globetrotter.

Bill has been working on and off with Thinkergy since 2007. He played a leading role as project manager and chief editor in the X-IDEA development project (2008-2011). Moreover, Bill also crewed as trainer and innovation guide in several high profile X-IDEA events. Last but not least, as Thinkergy’s unofficial “Corporate Gadfly”, Bill routinely challenges Dr. D and other key members to prevent the team of Groupthink.

Bill studied Mathematics at Rice University in Austin, Texas, and worked in various management positions in the software companies and in the medical devices industry in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Apart from being a true computer & technology geek, Bill has a passion for reading. His vast knowledge in many areas has earned him the nickname “Mr. Know-it-all” at Thinkergy.