New Car Interior Design Concepts For Asia




Munich, Germany

Thinkergy Value Innovation Case


Thinkergy led a multidisciplinary team from BMW’s Research & Innovation Center in Munich, in an X-IDEA Innovation Project, aimed at developing new concepts for the interiors of their luxury cars for Asia.

With China leading the parade, Asia is one of the fastest growing regions for luxury car sales. In order for BMW’s engineers to better understand customer and environmental factors in Asia, Thinkergy first helped them gain more than 75 key insights into Asia’s luxury car market This then allowed the participants to carry out insights-based ideation, for four identified customer-segments.

Guided by our X-IDEA Method, the BMW team subsequently developed 35 relevant and meaningful Idea Concepts for the Asian market. From these, 7 top concepts with high market potential were earmarked for activation. Moreover, 3 further top concepts with “Wow-effect” but less straightforward activation, were identified as “make it happen” challenges for BMW’s engineers to take on.

Ultimately, the X-IDEA Innovation Project provided the BMW team with a fruitful innovation pipeline of feasible, insights-based concepts, with high market potential.

BMW Research & Innovation Center

“As project sponsor, I took a risk bringing in an innovation company from Asia. But it was fortunate I did, because we not only developed a range of really interesting concepts that we plan to activate, but also had great fun in the process. Thinkergy used X-IDEA to guide us systematically through the project. At every stage, we produced target outputs using a different thinking style, which really enhanced how our engineers think.”

Thomas Hahn

Group Research & Innovation Manager at BMW Germany