Building-Up a Growth Mindset


Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Material Sciences


Bangkok, Thailand



In 2015, former Bayer MaterialScience (now Covestro) approached Thinkergy to empower and inspire a group of Southeast Asian senior managers during a 1-day training session that was part of regional management offsite.

The idea was to raise awareness to the importance of “curiosity” in a sales force and to instill creative mindsets that allow Bayer to successfully capitalize on a fast-changing, dynamic business environment and innovate the way it currently approaches its business.

Moreover, Bayer’s commercial operations head wanted to strengthen the delegates’ beliefs in Bayer’s growth potential in the Asean Economic Community (AEC) that was just about to start, and to give delegates the courage to commit to an ambitious revenue growth pipeline.

Thinkergy sent Bayer MaterialScience’s regional management team on “The Genius Journey Day Trip” to help them build-up a creative, growth- and opportunity-oriented mindset. By traveling to each of the ten destinations of the Genius Journey, the executives learned how to shift their mindsets from “salesman” to “creative business leader”, who instead of following the lead of others can creatively lead and steer Bayer’s business in the AEC with a “Can do”-attitude.

The 1-day training provided the managers with amble creative food for thought, opened their hearts and minds, and expanded their thinking. Moreover, the Genius Journey Day Trip made the managers aware of the importance to challenge old habits and trusted, yet outdated business routines (in a sense of “This is how we have been doing things in the past” and “I know my market and my customers”). Instead, they learned how to openly and curiously explore the changing market space with an intent to identify and seize new growth opportunities.

To sum-up, Thinkergy tailored Bayer’s Genius Journey Day Trip to build-up growth-oriented creative business mindsets in the participating executives. We chose specific genius exercises and visited experiential sightseeing places in Bangkok that not only uplifted the creativity and energy levels of the participating executives, but also challenged them to leave their comfort zone and to dare to fail earlier in order to succeed sooner.

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