BASF & Lion

New Ideas Catering to Emerging Detergent Trends




Hong Kong & Johor Bahru, Malaysia



What if you wanted to more intimately understand the needs, wants and challenges of your corporate key account clients? Why not accompany them through a Thinkergy X-IDEA Innovation Project to help working on one of your client’s innovation cases? That’s exactly what BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd. (Hong Kong) did to get more close to one of its key clients, the Japanese FMCG company LION.

BASF’s Market Focus Team, Care Chemicals Asia Pacific approached us to run a Mini-X-IDEA Innovation Project as part of an offsite of LION’s home care division in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. For the project workshop, colleagues from LION’s Home Care Division and BASF’s Care Chemicals were united in four cross-company teams to jointly work on the challenge: “How to make Lion capitalize on emerging detergent trends in Asia?”

Due to the time constraints, Thinkergy chose a selection of X-IDEA tools out of the X-IDEA Toolbox that fitted the focus challenge, gave the delegates a flavor of how X-IDEA works, and allowed the teams to design a few viable detergent concepts by the end of the half-day workshop.

To experience the five stages of X-IDEA, the four pan-organizational teams first mapped out market trends and answered provocative X Questions during Xploration. In the Ideation-stage, the teams generated a few hundred raw ideas each by launching Idea Planes, constructing a Morphological Matrix, engaging in wishful thinking with What If-questions, and merged their minds by engaging in a Pool Brainwriting-exercise. Then, each team designed a dozen or so detergent concepts (Development), identified their two top ideas (Evaluation), and finally presented these in a final Idea Market (Action). By the end of the half-day mini-innovation project workshop, BASF’s delegates not only had a better understanding of their LION counterparts’ wants, needs and viewpoints, but also helped to generate eight meaningful top concepts that LION took home to Japan to its innovation department.

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"We were impressed and enjoyed the workshop so much. It was the first experience for some members and a very good opportunity."

Takashi Ohno

New Product Opportunity & Innovation Department | LION Corporation Japan