Entrepreneurial Thinking & Doing, Gamified


Adhesive Manufacturing


Bangkok, Thailand



What if you dedicated a few hours of a local, regional or global management offsite to allow the delegates to playfully experience how to succeed in the highly dynamic business world of the early 21st century? What if you exposed your managers to a

fast-changing, complex, uncertain and surprise-rich market environment in which they have to make entrepreneurial decisions and creatively compete against other players?

That’s just what Covestro (Shanghai) Management Company Ltd. did when they invited Thinkergy to run our experiential Entrepreneurial Team Game “In the Year 2100” on one afternoon at a Global Marketing Conference held in Bangkok in September 2017.

After Dr. D set the scene by giving an introductory keynote talk on the highly dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial business environment of the early 21st century, the real fun started: We split all delegates into teams of 10 and sent them into the year 2100, where they had to compete against each other in a fictitious future business environment comprising five different markets: an idea market, an art market, a material supplies market, a property market, and a financial market.

To make money, the teams had the opportunity to create and produce specific products that the team members then had to pitch on specific markets to close a sale. Thereby, they had to make entrepreneurial decisions related to purchasing materials, borrowing and investing funds, and acquiring intellectual know-how. And after the initial confusion, the action began, the noise levels increased and the delegates eventually raced across the room to make more bucks for their team at one of the markets…

“In the Year 2100” is a highly energetic and entertaining game that, among other things, fosters creative and entrepreneurial thinking, encourages action-orientation and rapid prototyping, and cultivates teamwork and cooperation. So, first play the game, then listen to the game debrief and compare your strategies, actions and decisions with that of other players and teams — and you will understand why the classic managerial functions (planning, leading, directing, organizing, coordinating and controlling, which were perfectly suited for the industrial business world of the 19th and 20th century) no longer guarantee success in the innovative, entrepreneurial and highly dynamic business world of the 21st century.

Do you plan to organize an offsite event anytime soon where you could imagine exposing your managers to our entrepreneurial team game “In the Year 2100” delivered by a full Thinkergy training crew? Or if you lack time or have budgetary constraints, would you want Dr. D deliver one of his dynamic keynote talks to brief your delegates on the critical business parameters in times of the innovation economy and the emerging entrepreneurial society? Contact us to find out how we can enliven your next conference or management offsite.