Genius Empowerment, Beach-style


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Phuket, Thailand



WBECS is one of the world’s leading content hubs for business and executive coaches. The online platform is run by an international network of global nomads who collaborate from different countries and across different time zones to offer coaches a variety of interactive, digital learning experiences.

At least once a year, the global WBECS team flies in from around the world to a exotic destination for a joint offsite. Apart from intensive work gigs used to upgrade and innovate the WBECS platform, the team is also passionate to get high quality training themselves (after all, WBECS’ mission is to raise the global standard of coaching by providing the highest quality content available in the industry). So, WBECS contacted Thinkergy to do a 1-day innovation training session during an offsite that took place in April 2017 in Phuket, Thailand.

As most members of the WBECS team possess psycho-dynamic, entrepreneurial minds, Thinkergy suggested to have Thinkergy founder Dr. D take the group on “The Genius Journey Day Trip”. This would allow all team members to further their creativity, and some may even get inspired to evolve their full creative leader potential.

Being all Millennials in their late 20s or mid 30s, the fourteen delegates came from eight diverse nationalities and, with one exception, none of them actually lived in their home country. So, Dr. D decided to make the Genius Journey Day Trip both educational (by sharing the empowering success mindsets of genius) and experiential and fun (by running the session at a variety of special places — a temple, a playground, a boxing ring, a swimming pool and at the beach front). The highlight of the day was a sunset parasailing activity at the beach that allowed the delegates to fight their fears and take off into the air. While taking flight was easy for some delegates, others had to muster all their courage to embrace the parasailing experience as a tandem flight. Stefania, a young delegate from Romania, summed-up her feelings as follows: “Thank you so much Dr. D for encouraging me to overcome my fears! It’s been an incredible experience and a highly inspiring workshop.”

And how to best end a long Genius Journey Day Trip where everyone had got inspired to courageously live-up to one’s full potential? With a Mexican dinner of lots of food, drinks, laughs, smiles and happy creative faces.

Genius Journey

Our main business involves running the world’s largest event for professional coaches so we are used to working with world class thought leaders and have incredibly high standards for training and development. I can say without reservation that we had an amazing time with Dr. D, who flew in for a day training with our team during our WBECS offsite in Phuket. He took us through a program to develop creative leaders called Genius Journey. I learned soooo much during our “The Genius Journey Day Trip” including a new way to brainstorm. We created over 200 new ideas for our business and it took only 10 minutes. I highly recommend Detlef Reis and Thinkergy and invite you to travel the Genius Journey with your team, too!

Benjamin Croft

Founder and CEO of WBECS.com