Innovation Trainer

Withoon Hardat (“Sunny”) has been a member of Thinkergy’s innovation trainer team since 2015, crewing in a number of training events.

Sunny is a creative professional with a passion for continuous learning and self-development. He graduated with a Master in Management (General Management) from the College of Management, Mahidol University (CMMU), where he studied —and excelled in— the full range of innovation-related courses taught by Thinkergy founder Dr. D.

After starting his career in marketing & advertisement, Sunny transitioned into IT, thereby focusing on various roles in business analysis and business development. Since early 2017, he works on an international secondment in a regional role in Beijing, but regularly travels back to his home base in Thailand.

One interesting thing about Sunny is he always has backpack ready as his trips, both business and personal, are mostly spontaneous. It’s literally GET, SET, GO! He also enjoys doing play various team sports in his leisure time and keeps himself busy about planning to go to the gym.