We create innovators

We love what we do and we’re sure we can give you one of the most enjoyable and remarkable experiences of your life with our innovation events or projects.

Thinkergy Is a Wow Innovation Company.

We train organizations to be more innovative and agile, and we work on specific innovation projects to sustainably increase profitability, productivity, and competitiveness.


We’ve created sophisticated & reliable methods for delivering innovation, in a variety of contexts. Thinkergy has produced four proprietary methods for effective innovation management and training. Each applies to a variety of contexts where business innovation is the goal and each is supported by unique creative tools, which make generating new ideas both reliable and rewarding.

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Our interactive training programs are created by Dr. Detlef Reis (Dr. D), an expert in the field of business creativity and innovation.
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Our innovation projects are customized based on our innovation methods; adapted for your organization and focused on specific challenges.
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We believe that creativity and innovation are essential catalysts for positive change. That’s why we want you to be part of Thinkergy.
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