WOW 1 (interjection)
an exclamation of admiration, amazement, etc..

WOW 2 (noun)
a person or thing that is amazingly successful, attractive, etc.

WOW 3 (transitive verb) {wowed, wow·ing, wows}
To arouse great enthusiasm in.


It’s a precious and valuable effect to have on people, to make them say “Wow!”, as an expression of surprise or amazement. Most often invoked by something fresh and original that they admire, the response is then a strong sign of innovation success. To generate such enthusiasm in your audience is undoubtedly beneficial, in countless ways.

Why aim to be “o.k.” or “good” when you can aim to be “WOW”? Meaningful, original, fresh ideas will make people say “Wow.” True innovators become known for creating ‘wow’ things and are admired for ‘wowing’ their audiences. They demonstrate the ‘wow-factor.’

Thinkergy takes this aim to heart and we have made it the core pursuit of our business: to always aim to have a ‘wow’ effect, encourage ‘wow’ ideas, and be ‘wow’ people. Our unique, proprietary methods, can systematically take forward-thinking companies to innovation results that elevate the ‘good’, to ‘WOW!’ In effect, we are all about ‘the Wow.’

As such, we believe we have created the framework to put that powerful force, that we call the Wow, consistently within reach for our clients. This is why we make an ambitious offer, but one we firmly believe in: work with us if you want to “know how to WOW!”


[* Source: Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged. © HarperCollins Publishers, 2003.]