[quote style=”boxed”]Let architects sing, of aesthetics that bring Rich clients in hordes to their knees; Just give me a home, in a great circle dome Where stresses and strains are at ease. – R. Buckminster Fuller[/quote]

Thinkergy Innovation Playground


Thinkergy has operated in numerous environments, setting up wherever there’s need for our ideation and innovation expertise. While this mobile mode can have some advantages, the locations are rarely ideal.

The fact is, it can be difficult to energize people to innovate while in uniform, sterile, offices that can sap creative thought. Is it any wonder that they struggle to think ‘out of the box’ from within dull, box-like, environments?

But we have a dream! We want to bring our global customers to an amazing purpose-built center, specifically designed to inspire and stimulate. We call it the Thinkergy Innovation Playground.

The Innovation Playground will be the ultimate anti-box! Upon entering into it’s various carefully planned zones, guests will leave obstructive, daily stresses behind and enter into a highly creative mind-set; enabling them to think differently and produce better innovation results.

Based on the Thinkergy logo, the building’s design is inspired by flowing, organic forms and is devised to boost creativity and insight. It’s the perfect space for ideation and innovation – creating new products, training, conferences, and anything that requires open and stimulated minds.

The Playground’s five primary spaces are planned to foster thinking suited to the five stages of Thinkergy’s X-IDEA innovation method: Xploration; Ideation; Development; Evaluation; and Action.

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